Restylane® & Restylane Lyft®

restylane + lyft

Patients in the Providence, Rhode Island area may benefit from Restylane and Restylane Lyft injections. These are are cosmetic dermal fillers that replace volume and recreate youthful contours to smooth away facial wrinkles, enhance shallow contours of the cheeks and eyes, and correct drooping of the mouth corners and “marionette lines.”

Restylane and Lyft are bio-absorbable which means that they will gradually be absorbed into the body. As the gel breaks down, water takes its place, and when totally absorbed, the Restylane gel disappears unnoticed from the body. How long a Restylane treatment holds its effect is very individual, but will typically last six to twelve months. This depends on many factors, such as your age, skin type, lifestyle, and muscle activity, as well as on the injection technique.

The results are immediate and at a lower cost than surgery. These treatments are not permanent and must be repeated to maintain the results. Dr. Doyle will evaluate your face to determine an individualized plan for the amount and type of filler needed to achieve the most natural looking results.


Results from Restylane Lyft

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