AQUAGOLD® Microneedling

Fine Touch™ Microneedling in Rhode Island

Many of the signs of aging men and women struggle with as they get older are caused by a gradual breakdown in collagen. An essential substance for your skin, collagen is responsible for giving it that youthful firmness and fullness—without it, your face tends to give away your age or may even have you looking and feeling older. AQUAGOLD fine touch microneedling helps boost your skin’s collagen production to address various signs of aging and renew the look of your skin, taking years off your appearance with no downtime.

CentreFARS’ Registered Nurse Kristen Black and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrea M. Doyle are excited to offer the skin-rejuvenating benefits of AQUAGOLD microneedling at their Rhode Island practice. This minimally invasive procedure is a great way for men and women to fight away signs of aging and maintain youthful looking skin without having to take time away from their normal routine.

What is AQUAGOLD Fine Touch Microneedling?

AQUAGOLD is a specially designed tool that combines the collagen-boosting effects of microneedling with age-fighting active ingredients. This glass vial is topped with 20 hair-thin microneedles made from surgical grade stainless steel. AQUAGOLD’s patented microneedle technology allows for Dr. Doyle and Kristen to transfer active ingredients deep within the skin with greater absorption and minimal discomfort.

AQUAGOLD is performed at our Rhode Island aesthetics and reconstructive surgery center to help treat signs of aging in areas such as the:

  • Décolletage
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Hands

Dr. Doyle and Kristen can customize your AQUAGOLD treatment to address various skin concerns, such as dryness, lines and wrinkles, and even skin laxity (loose skin).

How is AQUAGOLD performed?

Before undergoing your AQUAGOLD treatment, you will meet with Dr. Doyle or Kristen for a private skin consultation where you will discuss your specific concerns. Listening to your goals and carefully analyzing the condition of your skin, Dr. Doyle or Kristen will then develop a personalized AQUAGOLD treatment plan and determine which liquid ingredients (such as a topical serum or hyaluronic acid) will be best for your skin and to achieve your desired outcome.

AQUAGOLD is a unique microneedling treatment that uses a glass vial with a microneedle tip to target specific areas of the face. The microneedle tip is gently pressed against the skin’s surface at the treatment site, creating tiny microchannels (or bores) in the epidermis and delivering active ingredients beneath the skin.

Why choose AQUAGOLD?

With beautifully natural results and an in-and-out no downtime treatment, AQUAGOLD is a great way to maintain young and healthy looking skin without having to take time away from enjoying the things you love doing. Because it boosts your natural collagen production, your skin will continue to heal itself and improve long after you walk out the door. We often recommend AQUAGOLD to our Rhode Island patients to add a finishing touch or increase the benefits of other treatments they have undergone.

Click here to download a patient brochure for AQUAGOLD.

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